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A philosophy in which a recipient keeps a particular resource (object, another person, etc.) around and at their disposal despite having a very good reason to rid themselves of that resource because the resource in question provides some sort of valuable fringe benefit for the recipient. The term has it's origins in the science-fiction epic "TransFormers" in which Megatron, the evil leader of the Decepticons, keeps his cohort Starscream around despite the threat Starscream poses to Megatron's iron-fisted rule of his subjects because Starscream apparently does his job so well. The term can be used to apply to a number of different situations.
EXAMPLE 1: "Though he knew that the alcohol he was drinking to excess would eventually do him in, Starscream philosophy kept him from flushing it all down the nearest toilet." EXAMPLE 2: "She could barely stand to be around him because he was an over-emotional idiot, but she kept living with him for the great sex and the financial security he provided. Starscream philosophy was clearly at work here."
by Kirk Bradford Myers December 23, 2006
The bad-smelling byproduct of flatuence, a.k.a. fart fumes, that hangs in the air after a particular person has farted/passed gas.
"Brown's ghost is haunting the school cafeteria. Somebody get a can of air freshener...it's time for an exorcism!"
by Kirk Bradford Myers November 22, 2006
Slang terminology for a toilet, usually of the sit-down variety. Sometimes also known as the "porcelain mountain fountain".
"Well, folks...that was a mighty fine dinner, but it's tearing up my insides. Time for me to take a little vacation trip to the porcelain mountain lake."
by Kirk Bradford Myers May 22, 2007
Slang term for a wild party, usually a house party, but can also be used to describe a social event such as a prom, a block party, a family get-together, etc.
"We're getting together at Kirk's house later tonight and staging a poor man's riot. Wanna come?"
by Kirk Bradford Myers November 18, 2006
Used as a noun. Usually used to describe anything new that has not had the problems worked out of it yet, such as a new untested product released on an unsuspecting public. It can also be used to denote the first version of something created which is not approved/expected to be the final version, such as a new computer program, music mix, the first draft of a script, etc.
PLURAL: "I should have waited a few months to buy that new automobile, seeing as they hadn't worked the problems out of the zero-point-ones yet." SINGULAR: "We've got the new zero-point-one up and running, we'll see how this works out..."
by Kirk Bradford Myers November 18, 2006
A person who has a reputation for getting, or who has actually gotten, their ass kicked in almost every physical altercation they have ever been in, "cement merchant" being indicative of someone who gets knocked down to the ground a lot, and who loses more fights than he/she wins.
"I wouldn't pay that dude running his mouth at you like he's Mr. Tough Guy any mind...he's actually a real cement merchant and probably isn't worth your time."
by Kirk Bradford Myers November 19, 2006
Slang shortened term for an asshole. Rhymes with "coal", but with an "sh" on the beginning... the proper spelling of the word includes the apostrophe. It is used as an improper noun.
Just another group of 'sholes, hanging around the mall on a Saturday night...
by Kirk Bradford Myers August 03, 2006

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