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38 definitions by Kirk

A fucking gay german word that we know is bad mouthing us but don't know what it means so it's fairly funny and is used in stupid situations
You a dirty God jesus German Mishengalem!!!
by Kirk February 25, 2005
bobchad = hassan, hassan is gay.

Hassn - shit = 0
wow, hassans gay
by Kirk May 16, 2003
by kirk March 19, 2003
Not qualtiy. Used in a sarcastic frame
That party is Qual there are no chicks.
by Kirk August 30, 2004
The solid form of jizz, also known as solidified sperm. Located in a sack near your quadriceps, but only occurs in males. If a female has these symptoms, consult a physician! Seriously, that bitch ain't right!
Someguy: Would you like some quajizzle for dinner honey?
Someguy2: No I just ate. Out. Someguy.
Someguy: Why don't you ask if Mr.Chiasson would like some?
Someguy2: Ok dad.
by Kirk May 29, 2003
Sacrastic for for being in a healthy and well state of mind and fittness. Generaly un healthy.
In High school she was hot now Lisa is just health.
by Kirk August 30, 2004
see also taint. this is the skin running from a mans balls to his arse!
i need to scratch my skin bridge.
by kirk November 22, 2004