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38 definitions by Kirk

The stains which occur after a period of fucking. Refer to shitstains for addition information.
Holy fuckstains batman!

I'll never get these fuckstains out of my carpet!
by Kirk May 29, 2003
the act of taking something already dry, and drying it even more; a physical impossibility
you can't over-die, you can't over dry
by kirk July 17, 2005
A modern day hercules of whom is an asian American.
Kirkulese is chinese.
by Kirk December 11, 2003
Shoes Sneakers any footwear
Those are sweet vehicles where did you get them ?
by Kirk August 15, 2005
The act of making large groups into dukes. Normally done through ben franklin yelling something naughty at you.
My stars! ben franklin just commited dukeicide on us!
by kirk September 30, 2006
When the shit coming out of the ass looks like a pig snout.
by kirk September 13, 2003
to kill something thats already dead
jimmy over-died after being tossed down a ravine, with lit dynomite.
by kirk July 17, 2005