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Well obviously the 13-year-old dipshit idiots are having a field day...

They're birds of the family Cacatuidae, order Psittaciformes; in other words, they're parrots. They're mostly found in Australia and its surrounding territory. The mid-sized, yellow-crested, white-feathered bird you see in fiction is just one species, but it is the most common one.

You have a pet cockatiel? That's the smallest genuine species of cockatoo, and the easiest to tame; the others are more difficult to domesticate, and probably not worth your time unless you know your stuff.
tl;dr cockatoos are Australian parrots, not whatever other shitty definition a bunch of brain-deprived prepubescent boys made up on the spot.
by Kiriazis November 06, 2009
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