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an addicting game in which you can't quit once you start unless you get hacked. repetetive..but some consider fun if fun is killing snails for the first 8-10 levels.full of names like LiLvIeTbO1 and AzNpRyDe. this game ruins your life. trust me i know. once you start playing, if you go to school, your grades drop down a lot.
maple story

scammer(at hennesy): Buying 60% 2-handed Sword scroll 10k
noob:wow ill do it thats alot
scammer:how many u got?
noob:i got 1
noob:ok(shows a one-handed blunt weapon scroll )
scammer:LMAO NOOB(closes trade window)
noob(thinks to himself):what a f@g(can't cuss on maplestory)im gonna defame him and log out

scammer:press tab tab space enter youll get free items
gullible player: ok (presses)

....and then he loses all his items.

Noob1:I want to be a warrior so i can use cool swords and wear ugly armor for the first 30 levels!

Noob2:I want to be a thief so i can be a ninja like naruto!

Noob3: I want to be a mage so I can Kill Steal all of you.

Noob4: I want to be a bowman so I can summon eagle at level 70!
by Kirayamato29 July 20, 2006

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