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1) The first ray of light from the sun in the morning
2) The person who will shortly be killing whoever wrote the above entry
Oh no! Kiran removed my head!
by Kiran August 26, 2003
a library or book depository. used my college girls as a trendy shortening of the word.
"Tee hee girlies! I'm getting my learn on at the libes!" or "I'm at the "libes" working on my paper."
by Kiran November 08, 2004
Man who plays the xylophone
Patrick Moore plays the xylophone!

Pah, Pah, Pah Pah-Pah Paaatrick!
by Kiran September 13, 2003
ray of light so hah there anyway. It AINT CRAP AT ALL JEZZA!
jezza is a fool totaalyu
by Kiran January 11, 2005
kiran is a hindu name an it meens ray of light its a bent name an a wish me ma neva called is it
an sha aint brown an goofy !!
"wow luk wots da in da sky"
" its a ray o lite in da sky "
"yeh its a kiran "
"cool ! "
by kiran December 31, 2004

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