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A goth Poseur is a person who just dresses up as a goth, just for the attention. When they go out, they spend ages covering themselves in white makeup and eyeliner, and when they're lazing around inside, listening to Gwen Stefani, they wear a pink tracksuit.
They dont understand about goths,or that it is a lifestyle. They just want the stares. And you dont understand goths either if you think that all of them worship satan, cut themselves, and cry endlessly.
Poseur goths do it for the stares. Proper goths do it because thats just how they want to live and dress, and dont give a shit about what anyone else thinks.

Goth poseur : I'm looking for a DAAAARK picture to put up in my DAAAAARK bedroom, because my life is DAAAARKNESS!!!!

Goth: Hey..you were in here yesterday, buying some fake Burberry crap, right?

by Kirakishou January 27, 2007

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