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A veritable mane of unruly pubic hair, often, nay, always accompanied by a massive overgrowth of ferocious facial hair. May be inhabited by various species of wildlife including: crabs, sabertooth crotch crickets, lice, fleas, small feral cats and the mythical crabacus. The downstairs beard, if left unchecked, will grow together with the upstairs beard creating one mammoth superbeard which will then slowly begin to digest it's host creature and become a sentient being.
Dude 1: "Dude! Why do you keep scratching your nuts? Knock it off!"
Dude 2: "Sorry, I've got something crawling around in my downstairs beard!"
by Kipper snack rodeo June 12, 2009
A condition where years of the Earth's gravitational pull has taken effect upon the scrotum of older men. Extreme cases of Walt's balls will extend past the confines conventional underware and will necessitate a special garment to holster said scrotum. Extreme caution needs to be taken by the wielder of Walt's balls as they could cause considerable damage to self and others. Walt's balls should be used for good, not evil.
Dude: Linda your husband has a bad case of Walt's balls, I can see them hanging out of his bermuda shorts.
Linda: Yeah... you should see the bruise on my sternum.
Dude: WOW.
by Kipper snack rodeo June 12, 2009

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