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11 definitions by Kip Stevens

1. A phrase said between people before a competitive event. Usually followed by Giving Skin.
2. A British comedy much loved by many people.
1. You're going down. Game On.
2. "Help! I've got my knob stuck in the vacuum."
by Kip Stevens April 22, 2004
1. A word used by people who haven't passed through the education system.
2. A word laughed at by people who have more than 1 IQ point.
1. I seen the Priminister on the news last yesterday
2. When I saw the word 'Priminister', I thought to myself "What kind of fucker would write that?"
by Kip Stevens April 22, 2004
1. A homosexual man (Batti=ass Boy=man)
2. A term used by moronic idiots who have nothing better to say
1. He started rubbing my shoulders and I knew he was a batti boy.
2. I got called a Batti Boy last night, I thought to myself 'Only a fucker would say that'
by Kip Stevens April 19, 2004
A female expert in fellatio who possesses a mouth stronger than both a vacuum cleaner and an octopus' suckers put together.
Time for some spring cleaning', I said, as I lay back and turned on the vacuum cleaner
by Kip Stevens December 17, 2003
1. The action of one male slapping another male on the backside in a celebratory act.
1. Did you see that! Vettori got a wicket, now the team are Black Capping each other.
by Kip Stevens April 22, 2004
The act of two people pressing their knuckles together in a celebratory act. Better than Black Capping.
1. I got some action last night. Give me some skin bro!
by Kip Stevens April 22, 2004
A male reproductive organ which may be often bent at a perpendicular angle.
The ol' pirie's a bit sore this morning - the poor thing was bent up against the mattress all night
by Kip Stevens December 17, 2003