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A female who participates (usually not consentingly) in intercourse with eight males. The female is commonly suspended at waist height for sufficient cock depository. In the most extreme cases the female is bound to a rottiserie and lathered in cooking oil and herbs then she rotates on the rottiserie while proceeding to take cocks from every direction.

popular places for penis depository include:
anus, ear(aka brain jab), nostrils, rolls(if shes a porker), between webbing of feet and hands, eye sockets, belly button.
that slut had a cocktopus coming to her if i ever saw one!

guy1:when that girl passed out last night me and the boys bound her to a rottiserie a covered her in oregano and cocktapussed her left right & center.
guy2: OH shit! did you see become a quadriplegic?
by Kip & Dancan July 26, 2008

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