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3 definitions by Kinnycakes

n. A female with a busted hair weave. To have to much hair weave in one's head.
Did you see that weave monster in the beauty shop?
by Kinnycakes May 21, 2008
n. A military term used to describe soldiers whose civilian counterparts live in military housing rent free without anyone's acknowlegement. To use military resources without obligation or contract.
If the Commander catches you with that class c dependant in your room, its a wrap.

Today is military appreciation day at the mall. Cool, well come go to the store with me, so I can get 10% off my purchase.
by Kinnycakes May 21, 2008
n. To become large in an unsually small amount of time. To let one's self go physically.
Did you see Karen in the mall yesterday?
I seen her and she has seriously baluptuated beyond belief.
by Kinnycakes May 21, 2008