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Any type of drawn pornography which exhibits very masculine-looking and usually muscular men (often hairy) in homoerotic situations. Popular artists include Takeshi Matsu and Gengoroh Tagame who often portrays "bara"-type men being tortured and physically abused, at times even including scenes that include rape. Basically, he mostly does BDSM bara.

Bara caters to those whose musculature preferences are at the much more brawny end of the spectrum, typically beyond a simple "toned" type.

The men in Bara, are what one would might likely refer to as a "bear" - but no hair necessary. Bara art/manga might also include men that are simply obese.

Storylines in bara manga often start out completely innocent, not hinting at overtly sexual themes or even sexual overtones, but following this they gradually escalate into more sexual situations.

Most fans and artists of Bara seem to be young gay men.

One board that exclusively hosts bara sharing activity is the /bara/ board at the Anonib website, which is currently relatively low in activity. It was formerly quite active, but when the site became closed for a fairly long period of time, baralovers found their homes elsewhere.
Man, Tagame's bara manga is so gruesome!
by Kinniku Otoko January 13, 2010

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