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To block and/or avoid all contact with a person
I'm pretty sure I'll be Katie O'Neilled by Jessica because she finds me irritating.
by Kink E. Sizemore July 06, 2010
To sell out
Harry sure did pull a Metallica when he cut his long hair.
by Kink E. Sizemore July 21, 2010
1) To have two hits, then fade from popularity
2) To be a one hit wonder that returns with a second hit later on in his/her career
Billy Ray Cyrus is an example of two hit wonder because he first rose to fame with "Achy Breaky Heart" and then came back strong years later with Hannah Montana.
by Kink E. Sizemore July 23, 2010
To guess aimlessly or to take little time in completing a task.
Matt completed Stanciked that exam; he was done in less than 30 minutes!
by Kink E. Sizemore March 07, 2011
1) To defecate on oneself
2) An epic misspelling of "sharp"
I sharted on myself when I realized the test was today.
by Kink E. Sizemore April 25, 2011

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