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A person who is kind, one who does not put you down. Someone who you would love to be friends with. A person who is excellent at bass fishing and can tame even the wildest of vaginas. He is loving and accepting of all types of people.
That guy is so good at taming wild vaginas. He could be a type of kylemeister
#vagina #tamer #cool #bass #killer #sweet #hungry #poor
by Kingwurdz March 21, 2011
An awesome person who is loving, kind and will always be there for you. A most extremely good-looking individual, one whose sexual prowess is unmatched. A king at bass fishing. Equally as awesome as a kylemeister.
Woah! That guy is almost a Jordyjamro.
#awesome #sweet #kind #loyal #bass #master
by Kingwurdz March 21, 2011
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