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A large white van with tinted window, a spacious back area perfect for raping/murdering an unsuspecting victims, child locks on all the doors so the victim can't run away, and a creepy old hillbilly driver. Can also be called a rapemobile
Schoolgirl 1: "I was walking home from school one day and some creepy old guy tried to pick me up in a murdermobile

Schoolgirl 2: "That awful, what'd you do"

Schoolgirl 1: "What do you think... I ran away as fast as I could shouting "stranger danger" and he sped off"
by Kinghiki19 January 25, 2013
A video for an intentionally bad song released to Youtube by someone looking to get famous on the internet. These videos usually succeed in making the "artist" famous for a brief period of time but once the video has run it's course the "artist" is forgotten about and never heard from again.
"Mass Text" by Tay Allyn and "Chinese Food" by Alison Gold are perfect examples of Rebecca Black Videos
by Kinghiki19 October 28, 2013
What you say to reassure someone when you're both about to do something stupid that can potentially hurt or kill you, him/her, and/or others in your general vicinity
Guy 1: are you sure laying under a moving train is a good idea
Guy 2: oh don't worry, i've done this before it's not that bad
Guy 1: well you put it like that why not
Guy 3: you guys are idiots
by Kinghiki19 September 17, 2013

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