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3 definitions by KingdomGirl94

When on msn or in a chatroom a certain member seems to hit a long string of really bad typos. They have thus caught Axelitis.

Axelitis is not a permanent but may stay for a varying length of time, and tends to anger the person who has it, and cause another person to scream out "AXELITIS".

The origin of the name Axelitis is unknown.
MSN Convo:
Dude 1: Yeah man thta prtay was so colo yesrterday!
by Kingdomgirl94 July 02, 2009
Some one who is famous because of a youtube vid.
Guy: Yo man did u hear about Chris Croker? HE's Practically Famous!
Guy 2: Pfft Naw, He's just has a bit of "Y.T Fame "
by KingdomGirl94 January 11, 2009
A code somtimes used by young teens on msn to signal a parent is in the room.
"Guy 1: dude PBS.
Guy 2: Yo man all parents know what that means!
Guy 1: ok he's gone
Guy 2: Next time used 999"
by KingdomGirl94 February 23, 2009