10 definitions by Kingdick

A place where if you step on somebody's shoes, they'll fucking kill you.
If you do that in Frogtown they'll kill you!
by kingdick April 22, 2005
The disease that Matt Erjavec suffers from.
In addition to needing shots, Matt Erjavec's diabetes require a hug a day from members of the opposite sex. If he does not get this hug, he dies.
by kingdick May 03, 2005
An overrated movie. It's most often liked by people who think they're cool just because they like it.
Dickhead 1: Dude, Donnie Darko is such a tight movie! It's Patrick Swayze's best since "Point Break."
Dickhead 2: Yeah, and it's got a really sweet bunny in it too.
by kingdick April 22, 2005
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