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New age derogatory word to label homosexuals. This term is a stronger term than fag or homo as the term is more catchy.
That kid is a fagzord.
by King_John December 04, 2003
A person from the country Greece.

Used as a slang term for anal sex.

Used to express your lack of knowledge of a certain topic.
I'm Greek and I come from a country named Greece.

I was with a girl last night and she wanted me to do it Greek with her.

Everything you're saying is Greek to me.
by King_John December 04, 2003
Acronym for Internet Relay Chat.

Windows users use mIRC (www.mirc.com) and other users use xIRC or BitchX (www.bitchx.org) to connect to an IRC server.

Once connected to a server people can message each other in private or in public channels.
I was talking to my next door neighbour on IRC yesterday and he sent me the video for his last vacation.

I was on DragonzKeep IRC server and I met this great girl in the server chat channel.
by King_John January 26, 2004
Combination of Pedophile and Gay to create a hybrid word to describe a type of person who molests boys usually in the age range of three to nine.
Pedogay today!
That person is so pedogay.
Pedogays should all die because they are disgusting.
by King_John December 04, 2003
Acronym for Roll On Floor Shitting
<person> im so hot that i make the sun ashamed
by King_John December 28, 2004
Used as a short form for the file extention for the lamerlogs.
At www.intern3ts.com/lamerlogs there are many files with the .lmr extension.
by King_John March 24, 2005
NONsane is right, that's me! Haha, you bastard!
I'm King_John, find me on irc.afterdawn.info #AD.
by King_John March 24, 2005
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