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anyone who stands on a corner or outside the Ace's and preaches hell-fire.

Anyone who think God hates Gays,Sodomites,Violence Lovers,Perverts, and some children
*Anti-Baptist* Arrrr you r a fagit and a pervert and are goin' to HELL!!!!!!
*Alex* at least I don't Fuck My Sister!!!!!
*Anti-Baptist*(makes odd motion)
*Anthony* Stupid Anti-Baptist!
*john* yea....
by KingToney September 13, 2007
1) Going up to Scalp Ave. in Richland and trying to get chicks
2) The act of removing the scalp from a defeated enemy in combat. happened to that poor British guy in Last of the Mohegans
*john* hey you whant to go Scalping?!
*flake* sure!!
*smay* hells yea!!!!!!!
*Anthony* *yells loudly and pulls a knife out and leeps at john*
by KingToney September 14, 2007

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