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Nigga my boy D. Sanchez(Doug Sanchez) picks off hot broads off the gangsta streets of miami. 305 baby. they usually pick up hos from the 305area but did go to europe to pick hoes up there. Often pick up latina girls cuz they dont speak english and are easier to bang if offered cash. Sanchez is one of them cool talkin cats who lures em in the bus. He usually gets the ho to bang one of his dudes( preston, alex, ramone wit da big one, or others). they offer money and she gives in. After there done they say get out and theyll pay her. but them niggaz drive off and leave that sorry bitch on the street yellin and screamin while they laugh. Bangbus stylie nigga. Other copy cats out there like backseatbangers, slutbus, milf cruiser gay fake ass shit like that. Ppl say bangbus is fake, and they even have a disclaimer sayin it is. But i kno about this tricky paper work game son... bangbus is real... this shit is not a joke. They got them trickin the ppl who think its fake with the disclaimer. but sanchez really do what he do knamean dog.
The Bangbus rolls on spinners.
Sanchez is down man, he kno all the hood terms. he rep the 305 miami area.

Bizzang Bus ho.
by KingTee410 March 18, 2005

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