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2 definitions by KingStylaa

A tall lanky kid that should be Prime Minister of Australia. His name is constantly abbreviated of his full name to Jamesgilb. He is often seen wearing an orange t-shirt that has "Wedge" written on it and Camo patterned cargo shorts. He refers to his parents by there first names and not mum or dad. His birth father was an anaconda and he can bend time and space. He is extremely hot.
*Jamesgilb enters computer room*
JamesGilb: Wheres the cakes at?
Nick: Whatta Staunch Kent!!
Jamesgilb: What the wedge?
JamesGilb: Are you alright?
*Luke starts electrifying his balls*
JamesGilb: You are all retarded.
Nick: Wanna arm wrassle?
JamesGilb: Wheres the cakes at?
Luke: Can I bend you over?
JamesGilb: Wheres the cakes at?
*Everyone break dances*
by KingStylaa March 04, 2007
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The combination of the words Hot and Lauren. It means a state beyond any point of degrees that is measurable. It also is so hot that only I can touch or look at it. Im that good. So is HotLauren.
Luke: Dude how hotlauren is this!
Jamesgilb: Where I cant see??!?!
Luke: Its too hotlauren for you.
Jamesgilb: You are the king *Bows down*
Luke: I swear im the king man.
Lauren: Can anyone even see me?
Luke: Only me HotLauren.
Lauren: K.
by KingStylaa March 04, 2007
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