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One of main reasons Hip-Hop is dead. Anybody who knows the foundation of Hip-Hop will agree. All his rhymes consist of wannabe punchlines. The thing is, he notes the obvious in his rhymes. "Im _____ like _______." Wow, Lil Wayne can put 2 n 2 together. Big fuckin deal. Call me a hater, but you know Im tellin the truth. His flow is weak cuz like I said, its all the same shii.

Lil Wayne is a HOTT rapper. Meanin he sells records. But to consider him a GREAT rapper, is bullshii. And like most "rappers" nowadays, he only talk about money, gurlz, cars n clothes. Dont you think dat shii is old? Start listenin to hip-hop that has lyrical meaning, like what it was originally founded and grew on.

Ex. - Nas, Common, Mos Def & Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye

Jus a few to name. Dont forget the Legends.
"I get ______ like ________."
"I'm so _______ like ________."

Lil Wayne'z flow.

Get off his diq. I kno Im not good-lookin, but to me, dat nigguh look like a cockroach.
by KingSergio703 August 14, 2007

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