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A small 1.6 square mile town in Bergan County that is surrounded by Wyckoff and other larger towns. Midland park has 1 high school, which is a combination of a high school and a middle school. Midland Park High School has a average graduating class of only 70 to 80 students, but is known for it's regerous teaching and scoring system which is more difficult than most other schools in NJ. The high school has a small but very good marching band and the football team, the Panthers, has recently merged with Waldwick, Midland Parks biggest rival. In Midland Park, there is a 7-11, a BurgerKing, a Wendys, a GameStop, and good size shopping center, all within walking distance of anywhere in town. Midland Park is a great little, quaint town, out of the way of all of the hustle of bigger towns, but with the feeling of always metting something new.
Let's go to Morning Glory and buy some fart bags!

Stemple is the worst teacher in the high school.

Let's go down the street to Ridgewood and see Snakes on a Plane!

Midland Park owns!
by KingKoopa1226 September 09, 2006

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