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Not to be confused with "easy" or "Michael J. Fox," "esay" represents the corporeal embodiment of awesomeness on Earth. In a way, esay is the atheists' equivalent of Jesus Christ can easily be viewed as a messiah.
Incorrect: "I think I aced that test. It was way too esay."

Even more incorrect: "Other than occasional voice acting, esay hasn't done a single good thing with his career since the 'Back to the Future' series."

Correct: "Esay is what makes life worth living. Otherwise, cats wouldn't ever use the litter box."
by KingGuiseppi April 29, 2009
A term used to indicate that someone is "the man." For example, if someone is southpaw, they could kick your ass using only one hand (or "paw), and they most likely engage in numerous sexual encounters (the area down "south") on a regular basis. Most importantly, if someone is southpaw, they are modest about it.
Guiseppi: Dude, you're so southpaw. I wish I could be as cool as you.

southpaw: Nah, I'm not southpaw, although coincidentally, my name is. You, my friend, are the one who is southpaw.
by KingGuiseppi April 11, 2009

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