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(Raymond Scott)East Coast Gangster Rap Pioneer,has been In Hip Hop For about 20 years with his involvment with The Source in it's early stages up until 2006 and with the group Almighty R.S.O (Rock Shit On,Ray Scott Organization,Roxbury Street Organization)which later became The Made Men. Numerous side projects The Source Unsigned Hype,Wiseguys,Hangmen 3,The Untouchables.Went Solo in 2001 with The Benzino Project,released The Benzino Remix Project in 2002,Redemption in 2003, and Arch Nemesis in 2005.Along with the Albums he toured worldwide and appeard on numerous Mixtapes.
Started a Beef with Hip Hop Superstar Eminem in Fall of 2002, Claiming The Record Industry was Monopolizing Hip Hop and using Eminem as their Poster boy. It just didn't stop there despite the lyrical assault by Eminem and camp. The two went back and forth for a few years, Benzino and Dave Mays used The Source to lead a campaign against the Music Industry with features in the magazine about Monopoly,Video and Radio Payola,Hip Hop police etc.Even though the claims made by Mays and Benzino were mostly true They found very few in The Industry who would stand up and side with them,Whick eventually lead to the firing of Dave and Benzino from The Source by the new owners.
by KingG September 04, 2006

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