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3 definitions by KingEdgar

Brilliant + Amazing = Brillmazing

A word created by the most brillmazing person alive he is absolutly brillmazing to the full. The creater also thinks Clare is brillmazing :).
Wow Radiohead are so brillmazing that i bought all their albums.
Is there a word more brillmazing than brillmazing
by KingEdgar April 09, 2005
6 1
A fool that i know who is also known as yellow, merf, martyn, chav, cock nose the list goes on. He plays 4 WBHC although he's not very good :P, yet he still managed to score more goals than me this season!!! Cheer up chivs we won the league!! woo!!
I'm probably gonna get fined 4 this def arent I!!!
The only reason i made this def so negative is cause u showed the last 1 i made 2 tolley!!!
Merf scored a sitter again :):):):)
Im bored!!
by KingEdgar April 19, 2005
4 9
A nickname for a nimbo!!!
Clare Martin is a complete nimbo!!!
by KingEdgar February 03, 2005
1 29