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3 definitions by KingCold999

Abit, a shortened version of the words a and bit. Usually used when typing really quickly on chats/forums and forgets to put the space in between.
Person 1: Hey, are you still tired?
Person 2: Abit.
by KingCold999 August 21, 2009
A wordification of the smiley face T_T used to express the emotion of sadness (or extreme happiness.)
Samantha: You comming to the party Joey?
Joey: Nah I can't make it tonight.
Samantha: Awwwe tee underscore tee
by KingCold999 July 21, 2011
Gimpy - The nickname of geek - Justin Taylor - on the cartoon show undergrads. He attends Tekerson Tech and almost never leaves his room (Instead communicating with his friends via video conference). Also goes under the name "G Prime".
Gimpy: "...the hell?"
by KingCold999 February 11, 2009