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Also known as "Chronic Never Down Syndrome" or "Chronic Not Down Syndrome", this symptom is commonly diagnosed to an individual who, on a regular basis, expresses the following:

- Declination to events/parties/get togethers.
- Dismissal of extracurricular activity.
- Refusal to participate in acts of rebellion/danger.
- Prohibition of anything fun in general.
Gato: Hey, so did Roofie answer your text about heading over to pick up some dank?

Manny: He never answered...

Gato: It's the C.N.D.S. , man. It always kicks in when we want to pick up some of Roofie's dank...
by KingCat November 23, 2012
a group of american lamborghini owners set off from la to drive across country called running of the Bulls.
where lamborghini unvieled murcielago
by Kingcat September 27, 2004
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