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A generally frightening event that is put on every year from the end of September to October in certain theme parks owned by the company Cedar Fair. The event usually contains multiple haunted houses (also referred to as mazes), scare zones (area in the park swarmed with monsters), and special shows. Local residents can apply to work as a monster and scare guests. Common haunted houses (aka mazes) in the chain are "CornStalkers", "Slaughterhouse", "The Asylum", and "Club Blood", plus many many more.
Person A: OMG I went to Halloween Haunt last Saturday!
Person B: Was it scary?
Person A: Yeah!! My favorite maze was The Asylum, the girl in the electric chair in the end scared the hell out of me!!

Guy #1: Dude, have you been to Halloween Haunt this year?
Guy #2: Yeah, I did all the haunted houses.

Guy #1: Which one was your favorite?
Guy #2: Club Blood, definitely. The strippers were hot!!
by KingB24 October 29, 2011

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