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1 definition by King904

1. A great place to play friends,make new ones,and play other people around the world !!

2. A place were hundreds of white people can talk shit about black people. Knowing damn well that they won't call me a 'nigger', and say other racist jokes in my face. And if I ever say something about a white person, I'm a 'racists'.

xbox live.....
1. Me: Hey 'blank', good game. Send me a friend request !!!!
'blank' : Yea man, good game !!!

2. Me: Hey Brian, what did we do today in class !?
Brian: 'IDK' even know man, I was asleep!!

3. Me: Hey 'blank', shut the hell up and get a kill. DAMN!!
'Blank': Shut up, you fucking 'nigger'. Go pick some cotton for me !!!
Me: White people are so funny these days! Chill with the racists jokes, 'plz'
'Blank': You calling me a racists ?! You fucking 'porch monkey' !!

My 'gamertag' is..King904...holla bck.
by King904 May 07, 2006