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2 definitions by King-Shit

The noise that results from the slapping of a sweaty scrotum against one's ass during butsex. Also, someone who is known to take multiple cocks in the ass in one day on a regular basis.
1)The faggots next door made a belfo that woke up the whole neighbor hood. What a bunch of assholes.
2)That guy is such a fucking belfo his asshole could hold the Titanic and a black cock.
by King-Shit November 26, 2008
5 0
A tiny witch that lives inside the scrotum and bewitches the testicles to burn and cause constant boners and horniness. The nuthag is contagious only through gay sex and sex with fat girls. A nuthag can also be that girl who hangs around with all of her boyfriend's friends instead of her own or a piece of shit asshole.
I think I caught a nuthag from that fat chick. I have had a huge boner for a week and my balls are on fire like a sun-burnt elephant cock....That bitch.
by King-Shit November 26, 2008
7 4