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An air dolphin is a person who resembles a common, bottlenose, spotted, dusky or pinknosed river dolphin but being human spends his or her life working in retail.
Hey, have you seen that lad working in that shop in the centre of the retail park? He is a real Air dolphin.

Look at Nick over there ever since he started working at Ted Baker retail outlet hes become a hardcore Air dolphin.
by King of the Quinn July 28, 2009
If one is said to be lidless it can refer to several aspects of their behaviour. Being lidless mainly is defined by a persons stupidity, haircut or general persona.
Mate, you cant even roll! your absolutely lidless right now!

Man, Peter was lidless on Thursday!

Look at your hair, you Lidless bastard!
by King of the Quinn July 28, 2009

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