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A real gangsta, a Latin Thug, and a microphone master.
The frontman of the best rap group ever, Cypress Hill. B is known for having a high pitched voice which contrasts fellow CH rapper Sen Dog's deep aggressive voice. His flows are solid and he can rap circles around 99.9% of these "mtv gangstas" you see today. In addition, he was shot in his youth, but didn't use it as a marketing tool like 50 Cent did. He lived with, and likely banged Carmen Elektra, and has released solo albums called "Gunslinger" volumes 1 and 2.
To top it all off, he's a professional toker, smokin' that smelly northern Cali, and is known for being a supporter of marijuana legalization.
Anyone who talks shit about B-Real or Cypress Hill needs to go back to bumpin' commercialized pranksta rap in their mom's basement.
At the Smokeout festival a hot chick gave B-Real a grocery bag full of porno as a sign of appreciation for his music. Now that's pimpin'.
by King of da Cravate August 31, 2007

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