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If you have not seen almost every state and city on the East Coast than why the fuck are you critizing it? The East Coast Streches from Maine to Florida. Some main cities are, Boston, New York City, Newark, Philly, Charleston, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, just to name a couple. We have the smart New Englanders, the Rich New Yorkers, Kickass New Jersey, Amazing Philly, CRUNKED Atlanta, Hot Miami, The Carolinas and everything else. If your from the West Coast your either, a plastic, fake tan, hollister, whore. A homosexual that likes to rollerskate. A ghetto ignorant retard. Or a Complete weirdo. All the West Coasters have is California. Oregon and Washington suck ass. EAST COAST IS THE BEAST COAST.
West Coaster: We are the best part of America.

East Coasteer: That's why you only have one good state. Wow California might be good but we have Boston, New York City, New Jersey, Philly, Atlanta, Miami, and everything in between so fuck off.
by King of NJ October 13, 2007
My Home state. If you haven't been here don't judge because every place has common misconceptions. First of all no one ever says Joisey, seriously no one ever does. North Jersey is influenced by New York and South Jersey is influenced by Philly. That's why in North Jersey alot of people are NY Giants fans and in the southern end people like the Eagles more. Most people here respect New York and love NYC. We also appreciate Philly, we have two of the best cities right next to us. The suburbs of NJ are awesome. The houses are gigantic, most people are friendly, parties all the time, and seasonal weather. We have more Pizza and Bagel shops than all of the west coast and south put together. We are a diverse state, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asian, Indian, all live together. We do have some gang related problems in Newark, Camden, and Trenton but all cities have crime unless they're in the middle of no where. We usually are short tempered people but really nice. Like I said we have seasonal weather, summer = Hot as hell. Fall = Breezy but still wear shorts. Winter = Fucking freezing. Spring = warm and nice. The Jersey shore is really nice, clean water, and big waves. I'm not saying Jersey is better than where you live. I love the West Coast, California and Nevada are amazing. I like the South too, Miami is my favorite city and I want to go to Atlanta and North Carolina. The Mid-West is cool and I love the North East because it's my home. What I'm saying is, I don't think Jersey is better than every other place, but it Isn't even close to being horrible. Don't Judge untill you've seen the entire state.
Ignorant Fuck: New Jersey sucks they have fucked up accents, gangs, and rich snobs in the suburbs.

Educated Person: Actully No one speaks with that accent, every city has crime, and not all the suburban people are snobish, they worked hard to make it there.
by King of NJ October 13, 2007
Two Black rappers out of Atlanta, Georgia. They usually rap about clubs and girls but they also have some slow songs and a couple songs about life. I personally love them, when your at a party you don't want to here some person talking about genocide, war, and abortion, you want to hear some music that gets the girls to dance, something that brings life to the party and that's exactly what the Ying Yang Twins do. They are NOT the best rappers but they ARE one of the best rap artists to make fun songs about clubbing, strippers, and just having a good time. If your offended but what they say than chances are you are a snobbish rich bitch that can't appreciate anything other than classical jazz, you are a fem-nazi that thinks that it degrades women even though women sign up to be in the videos, the songs, and buy the album. Or your just a hater that spends their time causing "Online Drama". By the way this definiton is by an Italian American in the North East so this shows that all different types of ppl like their music.
Person 1: The Ying Yang twins don't rap about the war, or people dying or terrorists, they are so stupid.

Person 1: Well when your at a party who wants to hear a song about people dying or a serious situation?
by King of NJ October 13, 2007

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