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-Be 100% percent honest with your previous/future comments, disregarding any and all possible repercussions and consequences

-Being forthright will any and all situations

-Being open to the point of creating a tense atmosphere based on how blunt you are
Person 1: "Bruh I ain't saying, I'm just saying yous a bitch and I'm ain't."

Person 2: "Nah I feel you, you just tellin' it on da real doe."

Person 1: "What do you think of my girlfriend?"

Person 2: "She got the personality condom. Takes all joy out of any situation. I'm just tellin' it on da real doe bruh."
by King of NA July 26, 2011
-Something to compare an awesome situation to

-The ultimate of all scenarios

-The only description to describe an event that can't be messed up no matter what shit goes on following
Person 1: "Dude I just got tickets to the B.o.B. concert at XU!"

Person 2: "That's a Super Dope float!!"

Person 1: "Your mom is a Super Dope Float in bed bruh bruh."

Person 2: "Dick Ass."
by King of NA July 26, 2011
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