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Cocked means when your drunk -more than the average Fucked-Up person.

Symptoms include:

- Eyes as red as tomatoes. aka: Cocked Eyes

- Talking beyond stupid.

- Tripping over furniture AND PEOPLE.

- Bipolar emotions (Love your friends, then

five mins later you hate them).

- Hammering headache/ feel like crap type

of hangover.
Boy 1- "Man your trippin badly"
Victim- "I feel like crap =\"
Boy 2- "You were so wasted at that party"
Girl - "Nah. He was cocked out of his mind. He had all the familiar symptoms of it"

by King of Krack-Kookies ! December 05, 2009
When your wasted, smashed or Cocked ... your eyes get red as a tomato.
Girl 1- "I look so awful in this picture."
Girl 2- "Yeah.. you had some cocked eyes."
by King of Krack-Kookies ! December 05, 2009
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