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Mind controlling antelope that live in Wyoming. Control the Wyoming government into thinking that antelope are the fastest animals in the world. Very elusive creature that may or may not actually exist. Or so they say in Wyoming.
Cole: So yeah they say that the cheetah is the fastest animal.
Missy: No I believe its the antelope.
Cole: Oh? I don't think so...
Missy: No seriously! The Hypnolopes told us it was true.
Cole: The what?
Missy: Nothing, nothing!
by King of Flys March 09, 2009
Substance that makes water disappear, hence why it's Anti-water. It covers most of Egypt in a big bubble (placed by God), and it's the reason that the pyramids weren't destroyed during the giant flood. Most famous use is when Moses used it to part the Red Sea.
Moses: Yo, God!

God: What up?

Moses: I needa part the Sea.

God: Here you go homie, I just invented anti-water for you.

Moses: Thanks G!
by King of Flys April 23, 2009
1. The art of subtle warfare.

2. A person who pretends to not be doing anything, but is subtly doing things without notice. The craftiest type of competitor because they feign defeat.
Kid #1: I'm totally winning, there is no way you can win.

Kid #2: That's what you think! WA-PAH!

Kid #1: What just happened, you weren't doing anything how did you win?

Kid #2: It was my plan, you didn't even see it coming.

Kid #1: Man you is totally a J-Feighner!
by King of Flys August 15, 2010
1. A word that does not exist, but exists while not existing. Dictionary.com claims its existence, but fails to recognize its existence.

2. The state of existing while not existing.
No definitions found: Hazaiah

Did you mean: Hazaiah
by King of Flys February 02, 2010
The state of being furious and indignant.
That's just wrong! It makes me so so...Infergdinant!
by King of Flys September 28, 2010
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