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A way of asking someone when the last time they fapped was without straight out asking when the last time they fapped was. Usually used in a safe for work environment towards people you don't know. It is considered more polite.
Customer: So, how's the Fap Dragon?
Store Manager: Yeah he paid me a visit a few minutes ago
Customer: Shit yeah! You're a real Fap Master!
by King of Fappers '94 December 08, 2010
The art of fapping on a piece of toast. Used to trick others by making them believe that a similar substances (mayonnaise, cream cheese, etc.) is actually spread across the toast.
Brosef: Breakfast is ready!
Brodaunt: Thanks dude!...dude this tastes like fap juice
Brosef: It's Fap on Toast!
Brodaunt: Fuck.
by King of Fappers '94 December 08, 2010
A term used when someone is bothering, pestering, or won't give you enough personal space. Can also be used when a person's bad vibes are influencing your poor performance.
Dude: Yo bro! Sick new pants eh! Woah! They feel so soft! I especially love the sequins around the crotch!
Bro: You're broing my style mate! You're broing my style!
by King of Fappers '94 December 08, 2010
The name given to a Bro-dette that likes to wear masculine clothes and participate in masculine activities. Often prefer tacos over burritos. They are sometimes mistaken as dykes.
Bro A: Dude check it out! That Bro-dette has the sickest bike and leather jacket. Not to mention the brotastic mullet

Bro B: Yeah, she's a total Brosie O'Donnell
by King of Fappers '94 December 08, 2010
A more extreme version of rofl. The person rolls on the floor laughing so hard that their pants begin to break away from their body. The friction made by the vigorous rofling motion causes the pants to slowly make their way towards the ceiling. This skill can only be used by avid roflers.
Guy: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Girl: Oh god! Please do tell!
Guy: To get to KFC :B

*the girl instantly bounds out of her chair and begins the process of rofling her pants onto the ceiling. She quickly types "ROFLMAPANTSONTODACEILING" before actually beginning the task. She vigorously, oh so vigorously, rolls around like a deranged lunatic. Rofl smoke fills the air.*
by King of Fappers '94 December 09, 2010
The brointific term for testicles
(Guy enters his friend's room and begins teabagging him as he sleeps)

Guy: Brooooo. Wake uuuuup. I got a surprise for yooooou.
Bro: ...Get your brosticles out of my mouth dumbshit!
by King of Fappers '94 December 08, 2010

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