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The new word meant to aggravate you. No matter which video you click, as long as its moderately popular and sorta recent. Some Pocodot corporate asshole will hold BOTH highest rated comments spots.

If you're like any youtube member, you enjoy reading the highest rated comments (even though a majority of them are immensely stupid) however now, Pocodot has taken that pleasure from you.

Their site is a scam, a waste of time and takes away one of youtube's great pleasures.

P.S Not as bad as Vevo but almost.
For those who don't know or hates pöcödöT, they don't know what is happening. This is another social networking like Facebook. Facebook also did what pocodot doings when they were new. pöcödöT has unique features, stylish designs, great securities. Those saying that this had a virus, Trojan, 3rd party is not really true. There's always a competition. Try it and see it for yourself

-being obviously factious, Pocodot's specialty.

I so LOVE the Loving Beyonce..... beautiful and sooo gorgeously looking!!! to those haters in poc0d0t' I wasn't trying to bash you off, Beyonce got everything she needs, BEYONCE RULEZZ!!!!

-I love Beyonce not Pocodot! Please fuck off now!
by King Zeel March 06, 2011

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