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Indian car company known for buying strugling automobile brands.
GM Manager: Oh no, I heard Tata is buying GM.

UAW employee: Who?
by King Tate January 05, 2009
French Fries fried until dark and stiff.
Let me have a Big Mac with Cheese, Large fries fried hard and a pop.
by King Tate November 09, 2007
Fries fresh right out of the fryer.
Customer: Lemme have some fresh fries with that.

Cashier: Here you go sir.

Customer: No, I said FRESH fries fool! Get me some fresh fries.
by King Tate January 05, 2009
Closeted conservative gay sex practice similar to the Full Cheney.
Con: Hey young man, I will give you $500 for a long stroke.

Man: I'll take it!

Con: How much for a Full Cheney?

Man: More than you got.
by King Tate May 06, 2010
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