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In a threesome, when the two females are simultaneously moving to fellate the male from either side. Named after the similarity in the way the hippos reach for the loose balls in the Hasbro / Milton-Bradley game of the same name.

The term doesn't have anything to do with the size of the girls involved; although for the purists...that'd be the most accurate portrayal.
I thought the girls were going to take turns with my naughty bits, but it turned into a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.
by King T November 06, 2006
Someone, usually female, who attracts and absorbs drama. From "Drama" and "tampon".

You know the type - none of her friends have actual social skills and are irrational, spazzy, and moody. In other words, the kind of people who you get set up with on a blind date.
Sure, she looks hot, but avoid her - she's a Drampon. She and her friends are all ready to blow...and not in a good way.
by King T April 03, 2007
The celebration of the date on which you first did your gal backdoor-style.
I think I'll get my sweetie some of that new warming lube for our analversary.
by King T December 20, 2009
A televised public apology admitting one's fault. Based upon the Latin phrase "mea culpa", which basically means "my bad".

A media culpa is a popular activity for athletes and politicians. Famous media culpas: Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, David Letterman, Eliot Spitzer, Kobe Bryant, Mel Gibson, Alex Rodriquez, Michael Phelps, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Grant, Michael Richards, Marion Jones, David Hasselhoff, Duane "Dog" Chapman, and on and on and on...
Did you catch Tiger Woods' media culpa this morning?

Oh yeah, I've already tweeted upon it thrice.
by King T February 20, 2010
A crappy golf score (2 over par), but a good old-school movie night.
I would've shot par, but I hit the bunker and Double Bogeyed. Speaking of Double Bogeying, you should come on over and we'll watch: "The Maltese Facon" and "The Treasure of the Sierra Madres."
by King T April 24, 2010
Gay or not gay? If you go glory-holing, and enjoy the experience, how do you know how gay you are?

In science, there's a thought experiment called Schrödinger's Cat, where a cat is in a box with a setup of deadly poison that's 50% likely to be leaked. Without being able to test the box, you don't know if the cat is alive or dead. Although the cat can only be alive or dead, the odds are that the cat is 50% alive.

Since there's a 50% chance that there's a man on the other side of the glory-holing wall (probably really 95% that there's a gay guy, but let's say 50%), you now have a 50% chance of being gay. Does that change your enjoyment of the experience? Maybe Eddie Murphy could help elaborate.
You went glory-holing this weekend? According to the theory of Schrödinger's Pussy, you're now half gay. Does this mean that you're going to manscape only half your body? Left half, back half, bottom half?
by King T July 19, 2011
When you're sure that you're going to succeed easily at something and you end up failing miserably.

From "bravado" and "do'h" (Homer, The Simpsons).
I was so sure that I could just Google the answer that I bet my buddy $100. Talk about having bravado'h.
by King T January 12, 2011

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