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A Doggy fizzle is gin and juice (orange)
"What you drinking on?" "Doggy fizzles cuz!"

Guy: Gimme a doggy fizzle
Bartender:What's a doggy fizzle?
Guy: Gin and Juice Bitch!
by King Swag May 26, 2006
Anything you like, anything hot
Yo that cd I scooped up was sic wit it.
That jawn is sic wit it, you see that ass.
You see that catch i just made? Sic wit it!
by King Swag May 26, 2006
anyone showing janky behavior or doing something jank or janktified to a unbelievable degree.
Can you believehe came up in here wearing that bullshit, looking like jankenstein himself.

You locked ya keys in the car with the car running? That's that jankenstein shit right there.
by King Swag May 26, 2006
drunk or fucked up off liqour, drugs, whatever
Man after we smoked those 2 blunts I was tight as hell.
What you trying to do tonight? I just bought 2 bottle of vodka dog, I'm getting tight.
by King Swag May 26, 2006
Getting dressed up...usually button up and a tie or a suit. Business casual style, no t-shirt, no sneakers.
What's the dress at that club? Can I rock anything or do I need to get zooted and booted?
by King Swag May 26, 2006
refers to waves on the head of usually African Americans
I just took off my headrag and my 80's is spinning 360 like crazy right now.

C-Bone: Check the 80's out on full tilt right.
Wayne: Nigga them shits ain't spinning, they more like 30's.
by King Swag June 03, 2006

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