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2 definitions by King Sulphur

A high velocity and popping turd, which when leaving your asshole, gives your nuts the sensation they've been "brushed back" by a Bartolo Colon fastball.
After eating like a fucking pig at the Asian Buffet restaurant, he received a brush back from the greasy, gook food.
by King Sulphur May 19, 2006
With pure association to a Brush Back, the remains left in the bottom of the toilet, as well as floating in the water, curly brown pieces of shit and pubic hair after taking a high velocity, popping turd. Hence, looks like the skin color and hair of Major League, Cy Young award pitcher "Bartolo Colon."
After getting brushed back, I looked down and found Bartolo Colon floating face up in the bottom of my toilet.
by King Sulphur May 19, 2006