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The only true race of heros with limitless courage. They protect the weak and don't fear death.
In WWII Sikhs were the bravest combat unit to fight.
by King Singh August 12, 2008
The ultimate goal of a militant Islamic. It stems from the belief that they will be rewarded with 72 virgins in heaven if they die for Allah.
Bill: Dude I just had a 3 some with those wicked hot cheerleaders!
Achmed: I can beat that.
Bill: Oh yeah? Go ahead and try.
Achmed: I'll pull a 73 some right now. ALLAH-LAH-LAH-LAH-LAH-LAH!!!! *BOOM*
by King Singh December 08, 2008
Wing man for life
WMFL was used in the office episode 508
by King Singh December 11, 2008
The act of having an orgasm that doesn't give you pleasure. A small amount of cum is released, but the intial feeling of an orgasm is not there. Is normally the result of some bad internal timing.
Joe: How'd it go with Susie last night?
Bob: Terrible, I only had a halfgasm.
by King Singh December 08, 2008
When you're fucking a chick in missionary position and then hit her in the face with an iron pan.
Guy: Get ready for the iron pan
Girl: WTF? are you retarded? *donk*
Guy: That's right bitch!
by King Singh August 13, 2008
When you're fucking a chick and you cover your dic in tequila and then light it on fire and stick it back in.
Giving a Breeann can totally burn your sausage.
by King Singh August 12, 2008
When you're banging a chick on the beach and then throw her in the ocean and suffocate her in the sand and proceed to fuck her while she's screaming for air.
Beach Perv: I totally gave that lifegaurd a Screaming Pelican!
Jerry: NICE!
by King Singh August 13, 2008

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