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Versatile slang connotating a person who sucks in some form or fashion, be it sexual in nature or un.

Can also be used as a verb, in a nonsuperlative manner, i.e. donkey chonk.
Ralph: Hey Johnny, check out the guy with the toilet roll hangin' out the back of his pants.
Johnny: Yeah, what a donkey chonker.
#shithead #ass clown #dumbass #squid #plonker
by King Sexy October 15, 2005
1. Derivative of hot smash. Describes the result of taking a hot smash in one's pants, leaving said smash between one's butt cheeks, thereby creating a smash-sandwich.
*A smashwich is similar to a shart but a bit messier.
Lex: Guys, I didn't make it to the bathroom and ended up with a smashwich.

Guys: Lex, that is nasty. You're gonna have skids.
#skids #skidmarks #ring-around-the-asscheek #shart #smash-no-wipe
by King Sexy November 29, 2005
1. noun. Def: Resulting burn from a particularly unpleasant hot smash, which depending upon the hot smash, could leave you ailing for hours.

The burn part of smashburn is usually related to but distinctly different from resulting burn from the runs or the squirts.
Lex: "Guys, I had a curry last night after drinking too much."
Guys: "Ah, that sucks, you'll be smashing all day."

Lex: "I just had one, and I've got smashburn."
Guys: "Maybe you should put some ointment on it."
#rectum burn #ring-around-the-hole #fire ass #shitting fire #poo pain
by King Sexy November 07, 2005
1. noun. Origin: road rage, bus rage. Feelings associated with attempting to shop at a store whose layout allows no more than 10 people to comfortably shop (e.g. a Trader Joe's grocery store). Note: Trolley is the British word for 'shopping cart'.
Trolley rage example: Lex hits up a small grocery store looking to get in and get out after grabbing some ice cream, milk, and cereal. He grabs a small shopping cart (trolley) and takes off for the dairy section. On the way he is forced to stop and wait for a woman in front of him, who has no idea Lex is behind her, stop and read the daily special advertisement. The stopping was no big deal, but two seconds later, Lex must stop for a kid, who is lying in the floor playing with a new toy, before moving to the cereal section.
#get out of the way #stop trying to go forward when i can't get past the dude in front of me #why can't you learn to act in an unstupid manner #do you think you are better than everyone else #please stop reading the cooking instructions on the back of the soup can and move two inches so i can grab some canned chili
by King Sexy January 14, 2006
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