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Ghetto poutine.

Made with mozzarella instead of cheese curds.
Dangit, do I have to go to Canada to get poutine?

Oh well, gotta make disco fries instead.
by King Saladbar February 22, 2014
A drink that is found today at Big Lots or Dollar Tree.
It's 4 for $1.
It's Saturday night; I have no date, a two liter bottle of Shasta, and my all-Rush mix tape... let's rock!
by King Saladbar December 21, 2010
Propaganda-laden christian organization who wants people to say only "christmas" instead of "holiday" or "xmas", and ban gays, as well as hanukkah/ramadan/kwanzaa.
The AFA sucks!
by King Saladbar December 11, 2010

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