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(lik ya doung)
-transitive verb

BAJAN TERM: To knock someone down, verbal and non-threatening.
Mother to son: "You're driving me crazy with your whining, Ima lick ya down if you don't give it a rest"
#lick ya down #lick ya doung #bajan #insult #knock down
by King Of The Blurbs July 11, 2011
BAJAN TERM: A phrase used to dismiss a previous comment, similar to the English phrase "oh please" or "yeah right"
Boy 1: "I'd be the best player on the team if they picked me"

Boy 2: "Cha dread, you can't given tie up your own shoe lace"
#cha dread #cha dred #knock down #oh please #yeah right
by King Of The Blurbs July 11, 2011
Most people look at the back of a book and read the blurb to get an idea of whether they want to read the whole thing.

The act of checking out a chick's booty, or 'reading the blurb', is a very similar concept. Of course 'the blurb' isn't everything, but for some, it tells them all they need to know.
"Damn did you read the blurb on that chick?! I would love to flick through her pages!"

"Have you read many books recently dude? Nah man, I've been reading the blurb a lot though, trying to find the right one for me you know"
#booty #arse #chick #chicks #bum #ass #girl #girls #backoff #back off #behind #blurb #checking out #checkin out
by King Of The Blurbs October 18, 2011
Dead Black Ting.
Bro 1: "Why do I keep matching so many DBT's on tinder?!"

Bro 2: "Shit I know man me too, they need to add some filtering system or some shit"
#dbt #dead black ting #tinder ##dbt #tings
by King Of The Blurbs September 07, 2015
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