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It is german for "douchebaggery that transcends gayness"
The Hotti brothers are what the germans would call "Das Ubergeigh"
#dus ubergay #das ubergey #dus ubergeigh #das ubergay #das ubergegh
by King of Jing February 20, 2006
Dictatorship is a form of government where the leader of the country owns all of its citizens and their souls. Dictatorship kicks ass and it works, unlike communism. No hippies, no feminazi's, no bullshit, and if there is, they'll either go to another fucking country or be sentenced to death by firing squad. Depending on your dictator, you can live with peace and tranquility, or live a life of fear, or a live of poverty but either way, you take the shit without any complaining, unless you want to die that is.
I'm going to be a dictator when I grow up, and I'll end poverty...but I'll endorse the death penalty. Dictatorship
#we #like #alot #of #food
by King Of Jing August 01, 2006
A type of chip simillar to the Dorito, except it's made by fags, for fags. Active ingredient is cock, and comes in two unique flavors, cum blast and dirty sanchez supreme.
Fagitos are illigal everywhere except france
#i #like #food #alot #hehehe
by King Of Jing August 04, 2006
Generally a school gang where there cock smoking reaches a point of no returns. Mainly consists of wogs, bogans and retards. Fullies tend to embrace all that is stupid, smoke in between classes, and have mullets hair styles to justify their existance.

Plural is fullies.
Matt Caraffa is the leader of the fullie gang.
#gay #homo #fag #queer #shiteater
by King Of Jing July 11, 2006
A person who is literally dipped in liquidized shit.

See also Nutella
FUCK dude, stop being such a dipshit.
#shit #poo #crap #gay #big bird
by King Of Jing July 11, 2006
A 40+ year old hired by the government who screws children for a living. Sexually insecure yet sly, he plots ways to lure kids into his pants. The pay is average.
Gaaaaaaaaawd DAAAMN! I wanna get fucked by the Candyman.
#cndman #gay #pedophile #sick bastard #loser
by King of Jing July 09, 2006
An emo-goth-fag of a ninja that has short red hair, wears mascara and carries some big arse pot of sand. Shittiest character in all of naruto, second shittiest is sasuke. Since he's a total pussy ass white boy, he just stands there and gets his sand to attack people while he poses and tries to look badass.
Gaara reminds me of some goth from my school called Damien, fucking goths..
#narutard #loser #goth #emo #gay
by King Of JIng February 06, 2007
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