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A complex word that Mr. T. Owens created while freestyling at the front desk of a 4 star hotel. Smaggin is used to describe anything in this world that is FUCKING AWESOME!. First used in the rhyme "Smaggin like a wagon". Smaggin can be used to describe absolutely any bomb ass situation or thing, thats why its so fucking legit! Other forms of the word can be used, such as "Smagtastic", "Smagaholic", or even just "smag".
"Dude check out this new track. This shit is Smaggin!"

"dude, that pussy was sooooo smaggin last night!"
by King Of Da Blumpkins 9 March 04, 2010
someone who intentionally fucks someone below their league because it's just that fuckin easy.
John: Tyrone, what did you do last night?

Tyrone: I went to that dive bar to go pick up some easy bitches!

John: Fuckin slummer!
by King Of Da Blumpkins 9 March 04, 2010
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