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A great Ancient from the game "Eternal Darkness" for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Controller of the Mind, Xel'lotath is most likely the most mysterious Ancient of the three. She controlls all green magick and creatures. While being the only female, she has somewhat of a split personality, shifting voices frequently throughout her speech; from an imposing female voice, to a spine-chilling, tiny whisper.
She has a somewhat human figure, but her legs look like they have melded into one, flexable, tail-like appendage. She has four arms with large hands, and while she has no distinctive head, he trademark eye lies in the middle of her "chest".

With a mere suggestion, Xel'lotath can drive anyone and anything into insanity. While her madness can obliterate the power of Ulyaoth, the awesome power of the mighty Chattur'gha will tear her limb from limb.

Xel'lotath is a blood-curdling presense, and her legacy will leave its mark on humanity, without a doubt.
XEL'LOTATH - "He lies...As do we all..."
by King Nothing January 28, 2005
A great Ancient from the game "Eternal Darkness" for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Ulyaoth, the Master of the Planes, might just be the most unique out of all three ancients. He controls all blue magick and creatures. He is extremely intelligent, and has a voice that is cool, precise, and easy to listen to. Don't let this fool you, though; Ulyaoth is just as unholy as the other ancients.

He is kind of like a giant, blue jellyfish type of creature, with five or six round, enchanted projectiles circling the top of his body. His many tentacles have the ability to create portals to either other places or even time streams, thus giving him an unpredictable attack, in which he uses these portals to separate body parts in other dimentions.

With his mastery of magick, Ulyaoth can crush the power of Chattur'gha, but since he is not knowlegable of the effects of madness, he would surely fall to the insanity of Xel'lotath.

If you really listen to him, you can learn a thing or two from Ulyaoth. Although he is gone like the other Ancients, there are still rumors of stray portals roaming the universe...
ULYAOTH - "The Universe is a yawning chasm, filled with emptiness and the purile meanderings of sentience."
by King Nothing January 28, 2005
The keeper of the Ancients, from "Eternal Darkness' for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Mantorok: keeper, overseer, master of the Ancients, chaos...

Mantorok is a rather unsettling entity. A giant mound and sea of living flesh, with hundreds of eyes and mouths, it controlls all purple magick. It resides in a temple (usually referred to as a tomb) in Cambodia.

It once had the power keep all of the Ancients imprisoned, but once Pious Agustus became loyal to the ancients, whether it being the timestream where he chose either Chattur'gha, Ulyaoth, or Xel'lotath, Pious binded the creature in the name of his lord. Mantorok was swifly trapped between the veils of reality, and the enchanted stakes that impaled its flesh. It lost contol over the Ancients it once kept inprisoned, and Pious was free to summon his lord, threatening the world into falling into eternal darkness.

Now unable to rally its guardians, it could only rely on its subtle manipulations of the Roivas family to defeat its enemies. All things happened at once, since the universe is made up of many time streams, all operating in harmonious syncronisity. It managed to play the Ancients against each other, ultimately resulting in their mutual annialation.

And so it comes to pass. Of the three Ancients, there is nothing. The mighty Chattur'gha decimated the power of Xel'lotath. The insanity of Xel'lotath crushed the power of Ulyaoth. The boundless Ulyaoth destroyed the power of Chattur'gha. Only Mantorok remains, slowly dying.

Now, it will languish forever, residing in its tomb...plotting...
PIOUS AGUSTUS - "...you have a great monument here, Mantorok. It is a pity that no one will recognize it as yours..."
by King Nothing January 28, 2005
A great Ancient from the game "Eternal Darkness" for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Chattur'gha, the Great Being of Matter, represents and controls all red magick and creatures. He is a giant, red, somewhat lobster-like creature, with huge claws, several mouths and eyes, and a gigantic tail instead of legs. His voice is so deep, it is barely decipherable to the human ear, so subtitles are required to clearly hear what he's saying.

Unlike the other two Ancients, the mighty Chattur'gha generally relys on brute strength to vanquish his foes, and seldom uses magick. With barely any effort, he can decimate the power of Xel'lotath, but he is no match for the boundless Ulyaoth.

Chattur'gha remains an intimidating foe, and his influence on humanity shall be permanent. Truely, Chattur'gha would be my favorite.
CHATTUR'GHA - "It is of no matter, for the power I will wield on my return will crush all that oppose me."
by King Nothing January 27, 2005
When you think you are going to fart, but you actually shit your pants.
Dude, I think I just oops doodied.
by King Nothing May 03, 2004
The sex act of an M&M.
Bangy Choom!
Let's Bang Choom!
by King Nothing May 03, 2004
The white residue that is left sticking to your asshole after a nice, big, stinky, wet fart.
Suck my fart liquid, bitch!
Oh, shit, that sounded like fart liquid.
by King Nothing May 03, 2004

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